Wednesday 13 April 2011

Spices: Charlie's Grind and Grill

I have heard a lot of raves about this place, some people even claimed that they serve the best angus beef burger in town. But there are also people who find this place overrated. One of them is my cousin, a burger purist, who likes her burger just as it is. No toppings or anything, she wants to taste the beef at its true form and flavor. ( When it opened its 2nd branch in Ortigas, I felt that it was my time to try it and see where I stand.

When I got there on a Saturday night, the place was packed, customers have to wait for an hour to get their orders. Aside from the Angus beef burger, they also serve Portobello mushrooms burger, fish and chips and cheese steak sandwiches. One thing that caught my eye was the variety of beers they have, there were beers from Asia, U.S. and Europe.

I read from that Charlie's has the best french fries in the metro. It claimed that even the fries went cold it was still crunchy. It was the thick cut french fry that I wasn't really a fan of. To taste if indeed the fries were still crunchy even when it gets cold, I left a few pieces. As i expected, the fries turned out mushy.

A bottle of Stella and fries
After downing half a bottle of Stella Artois, my burger finally came. It looked promising, the patty has enticing grill marks with cheese melted on top. As I took my first mouthful, I was expecting to bite into a juicy beef patty but surprisingly the meat crumbled in my mouth. It felt like eating small bits and pieces of ground beef. I automatically understood why some people loved it and why some didn't. The texture and consistency of the patty is different from what we are used to. As a whole, the burger tasted flavorful with the melted cheese, onions and tomato on top. It is the beef patty that got mixed reviews. Is it the best angus burger in town? I beg to disagree. I had better.

Black Angus Beef Burger wirh Fries - Php195

I also got to try the Portobello mushroom burger. I haven't tasted Portobello mushrooms before so I was excited in tasting it. I was disappointed when I saw how they prepared the burger, the mushrooms were covered in batter and deep fried. I wouldn't be able to taste the real flavor of the mushroom because anything that is covered in batter and deep friend would taste good. The burger tasted bland, the deep fried mushroom was under seasoned. I hoped they used more herbs and spices to make it more appetizing.

Portobello Mushroom Burger - Php195
Charlie's Grind and Grill
Address: RonArt Building, Ortigas Ave., San Juan City
Tel No: 477-5021

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