Sunday 30 July 2017

Sip and Gogh

When I was a kid, I’d always thought that I'm good at drawing, I would take my doodles, show and brag about it to my mom. I was always so confident and proud until my mom took me to a studio for summer art workshop. As I walked inside, there where kids younger than me who were drawing a simple apple but with all the shadows and shading, the drawings were beautiful. I was astounded and at that time I knew that my ‘artistic’ creations were nothing compared to how their drawing looked like. Feeling dishearten, I didn’t enroll anymore and I wouldn’t draw as much but my love for art never stopped.

Broken Barriers

Red or White?

"Let's Go..."

The Dark Side (Glow in the Dark)

I always enjoyed looking at different artworks in different art forms. One of my favorite things to do is to look at artworks in museums, studios and malls.  I would always say to myself that I’d someday buy art pieces from famous maestros and I’ve never thought of making my own painting. This was  until I heard about Sip and Gogh.

Sip and Gogh

Sip and Gogh is a studio where you can create your own painting. For 1000php, you’ll be provided with all the materials you’ll need to make your own masterpiece, included in the fee is a choice of your drink and some snacks to go with it. 

Salami Platter

Nibbles Platter

Being a wine lover, I always look forward to drinking wine while painting. As a glass of wine comes as an option. 

Wine while painitng?....why not!

Selection of  White and Red

One can opt to join a feature painting session where the set up is like class where everyone paints the same painting, the teacher would teach the step by step process on how to draw the said painting. Or you can choose from the different paintings on display to replicate. Or like me, you can go freestyle and create your own. From beginners to experts, from the young to the old, or for those who can’t draw to save their life, everybody is welcome.

Paintings on display which you can Replicate

Sip and Gogh has different branches but the one I always go to is in Kapitolyo, Pasig. The art studio is spacious, clean, well lit and so comfortable to be in. 

Sip and Gogh Kapitolyo, Pasig

The best part about this place are the teachers/instructors, they are all well skilled and patient in teaching the students.  Every one of them are so friendly and warm that once you enter the place you feel welcomed. Whenever I go visit the place, I usually end up talking with the teachers/instructors, they are always willing to share their tips and techniques about painting. Moreover, it doesn’t stop with painting alone, I’ve also learned other form of artworks from them.

Beginner?..No worries! The teachers are always there to help

For art lovers or those who’s looking for a new hobby, I strongly suggest that you try out painting. Just like me, you’ll be surprised with what you can do.  Head over to Sip and Gogh and unleash your hidden creative side for it unleashed mine. The paintings above are some of my creations that I made in the studio.

Sip and Gogh Kapitolyo Branch
Address: 2nd Floor Ace Hotel and Suites, United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun, 10am to 10pm
Tel. No.: 632 0069