Wednesday 13 April 2011

Spices: Burger Avenue's Five Minute Burger Challenge / My Chilly Chanllenge

I am a big fan of the show Man vs. Food. The show is about a host, Adam Richman who goes all over America to look for Restos that has food challenges. Challenges that includes finishing enormous amounts of food in a given time or enduring the pain of eating the spiciest concoctions. When I heard about Burger Avenue, I knew I had to go there and take their challenge.

With Jim, Jon and Alain, we scampered through a rainy Saturday evening to Burger Avenue to accomplish my take on the Ridiculous Challenge. Downed a pound of burger under five minutes and get it for free.The Ridiculous Burger cost Php298

Upon looking at the burger it was very intimidating, the buns was almost as big as my whole hand, three gigantous layers of beef patties and cheese top with lettuce and tomatoes. Upon touching the wrapper the race was on, I had 5 mins to finish this monster of a thing. I was so psyche up on finishing it and no one would stop me from doing it. Chomping, chewing and swallowing every bits and pieces that I can. With Jim, Jon and Alain cheering me on, to my surprise that I finished it at the 3 min. mark. It was 3 mins of pleasure and pain, I've never eaten this fast before but oh yes it was a bliss. Burp!

Surprisingly even though it was a huge burger, the patties were still juicy and tasty. I enjoyed every bit of it and I will definitely go back. But next time around, I'll enjoy their burgers at a very leisurely pace.

Adress: A.Venue Mall, B.Valdez St., cor Makati Avenue, Makati
Tel No: 729-9108

I also came out with a Man vs. Food challenge dish. Fried Finger Chillies stuffed with Basil, Cheese and Bird's Eye Chillies. Spicy yet flavorful. Eat if you dare!

Fried Finger Chillies stuffed with Basil, Cheese and Bird's Eye Chillies

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