Monday 4 April 2011

Spices: BOHOL's Hidden Gem - Bohol Bee Farm

Whenever you're in Bohol, make sure to visit and eat at this fabulous restaurant/spa/inn. Its definitely a must, it has been one of the highlights of my Bohol Trip. I apologize for the blurry and noisy pictures, the place was so dimly lit and we didn't have a tripod on hand. The pictures doesn't do justice to how good the food was.

Upon reaching the place, it gives you that relaxing and soothing vibe. The place is filled with plants and trees with stone cobbled steps to prance on. Yellow light fills the area making the setting nice and romantic. You can either choose eating ala carte or have their buffet. Most of the people who visits this place choose to have a buffet, we opted for the buffet too.

lounging around while waiting to be seated  

For starters, camote bread and squash muffins are served. The pastries were soft and moist, it came with 3 kinds of dip. Pickled mangoes, mango chutney and our favorite the pesto cream spread.

Squash Muffins

3 kinds of Spread

The Seafood Soup was made up of the frehsest suahe shrimps, marlin and vegetables. Ginger was also added to get rid of the fishy smell and taste. The soup was so simple yet so comforting, I couldnt get enough of this.

The Organic Salad was next, it consists of lettuce, turnips, mustard greens and flower petals served with the best honey mustard dressing I've tasted so far. With the salad came Cabcab or Cassava chips with a tomato
and pesto dip in the middle. The cassave chips were thinly slice and perfectly cooked to a crunch.

Organic Salad

Cabcab Chips

The main course was of a platter of grilled marlin, honey glazed chicken and kalderetang spare ribs. The blue marlin has had charred grilled marks but still was soft and moist inside. The honey glazed chcken was divine, chicken was flavorful and the skin was cruchy. The kalderetang spare ribs was tender that it falls off the bone when you bite into it. The sawsawan (dipping sauce) in the midlle of the platter was a mixture of soy sauce and calamansi with honey.

Main Course Platter

Kalderetang Spareribs

For carbs, they serve Seafood Lasagna and Organic red rice. The lasagna was nothing special but it was good. The red rice was a new experience for us, it was not the usual tender white rice morsels that we are so used to, it has more bite into it and more flavorful.

Seafood Lasagna

Red Rice

For dessert, they serve two kinds of ice cream. The homemade buko and jackfruit ice cream. The ice cream had slivers and sliver of fruits and the consistency of the ice cream was different from the supermarket variety. It was a perfect ending to the meal.

Buko and Jackfruit Ice Cream

Here's the best part of everything. All of these wonderful, glorious, delectable food cost only P550 per
person (2009). You will never have anything better at this price!

You can also buy a lot of their goodies in the Buzz Shop.

Bohol Bee Farm is the very 1st place I'll be in whenever I go back to Bohol.

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