Wednesday 27 April 2011

Spices: Azuthai

For the amount of Php 1,999, we got to have a nine course tasting menu for four plus a bottle of wine at Azuthai. The restaurant boasts of its Thai home-style cooking but the place exudes a very classy vibe.

The server asked us on how spicy we wanted our dishes to be, I am a spicy-loving creature (the hotter, the better) but since we invited our cousin (, we had to go mild. She has low tolerance for spicy things.  Since this was a tasting menu, all the servings were small but decent enough for four people.


We were presented two options for the wine. South African Sauv Blanc or Merlot,  the right choice for Thai food would be the white but since I'm not really too keen on South African wines, I decided to go with the Merlot to play it safe.

South African Tall Horse Merlot

There were two appetizers. The Pomelo Salad and Fish Cakes. The Salad tasted great. It has all the right ingredients and flavors that makes a good Thai Pomelo salad. Chunks of juicy shrimps, juicy pulps of sweet Pomelo and cilantro in a sweet, sour, salty dressing.

Pomelo Salad

The Fish cakes tasted ordinary. Nothing really special about this.

Fish Cakes with Peanut Dipping Sauce

The Satay Chicken was cooked well, though I would want it to have more of the char grilled flavor.

Satay Chicken

I have tasted a lot of Tom Yum Goong from different restos, Azuthai's version was good but not the best.

Tom Yum Goong

Im not sure what this deep fried chicken is. It was crunchy and topped with loads of garlic. Yum! I miss the chillies though.

Deep Fried Chicken Chunks

The Bagoong fried rice tasted superb. It was not as salty compared to the other Thai restos that I've been to..

Bagoong Fried Rice

Since my favorite Pad Thai place closed down years and years ago, Ive always been on a lookout for a nice plate of Pad Thai, I'm glad that Azuthai has ended the long search. It was presented in a very unique and nice manner, the stir-friend noodles are wrapped inside an egg.

Pad Thai

Among all the dishes, the Steamed  boneless Apahap fish with lime, fish sauce, garlic, corriander and chili was my favorite. The flavors basically described how Thai cuisine is. The sweetness, "citrusy" sourness, "fishy" saltiness, herby flavor of corriander/basil and most important of all the spiciness. I was spooning and slurping the sauce even after the fish was devoured.

Steamed Boneless Apahap Fish

 Thai halo-halo was served for dessert, it tasted simple and clean.

Thai Halo-Halo

I was disappointed that the tasting menu didn't include any type of curries since I'm a big fan of Thai curries. I took it as a sign that I should go back to this place. Azuthai is definitely a great resto that serves authentic Thai cuisine. One thing I'm not really sure about is how expensive each dish is and how big the normal servings are. Thai food is known to be affordable but it packs a punch of flavors. If Azuthai follows this general rule, it can make a run to be one of the best  Thai restos in town.

Address: Ground Floor Milkyway Building 
               900 Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road) 
               corner Paseo de Roxas, 
               Makati City, Philippines
Tel Nos.: 813-0671, 817-6252 

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