Wednesday 6 April 2011

Sights: Intrigue with CAMIGUIN

After Bohol, it's hard not to put high expectations with Camiguin. Both are similar since the two are island cities.  Camiguin is a place you would want to check out once in your life. There are some places of interests worth visiting.


To get to Camiguin's famous beach, the White Island, you have to take a 10-15 mins bangka ride. The beach is right at the sea with no vegetations or shade spots, be sure to bring sunblock. What's nice about the island is you can get a nice view of Mt. Hibok Hibok across the Island. And if the place is not too crowded, you'll be able to get a nice spot and have some privacy.

White Island Beach

fooling around at the beach

Camiguin is most famous for the Sunken Cemetery. Because of the volcanic holocaust that happened in the 1800s, the cemetery sunk in to the sea.  According to the locals, before you can actually see gravestones and some skeletons. But when I snorkeled around the area, all I saw was a stone crucifix hinge between rocks and corals.

The site of the Sunken Cemetery

The Cross hinged around by corals and rocks

Around the sunken cemetery there were some fishes and corals around. True story: When I was taking pictures, there was this small lone fish who stared straight at me as if telling me to bug-off. I stared back and it gave me a little nibble on my right toe.

You can visit two 'religious' places in the island. The Stations of the Cross and The Ruins of the Catarman or Gui-ob Church Ruins. 

The stations of the cross is an uphill climb on the Old Vocano.

The Carrying of the Cross Station

Up up we go

A view halfway up the Old Vocano

The Catraman Church also fell victim when the volcano erupted in the 1800s. This is what was left

Catarman Church

The tree beside the ruins is said to be more than a century old

You can also take a dip at Ardent Hot Springs, the hot spring water comes from Mt. Hibok Hibok.

Soaking in nature's hot tub

My favorite place that we visited was the towering 250 feet high Katibawasan Falls.

Katibawasan Falls

Just look how strong the current falls.

Im not sure where i took this photo , this is the first time I saw a brief and a panty being used as toilet signs. Funny!

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