Monday 18 April 2011

Sights: CALAGUAS' Unspoilt Beauty

If there is a phrase to describe the Calaguas Islands, it is definitely unspoilt beauty. It epitomizes the phrase in it's truest form. No commercial establishments, no bars, no resorts, no restos, no noisy people and best of all no cellphone signal. We pitch up tent in Mahabang Buhangin (Long Sand) beach and this is by far the most beautiful beach that I have been to.

Going to Mahabang Buhangin is an adventure on its own. From Manila, I had to endure a 10 hour trip on a rented van going to Vinzons Port. From the Port, a grueling two hours of sailing on the open seas in a small bangka awaited. The waves were strong and I was drenched in sea water.

Then all of a sudden, an island appear on the horizon. The first thing I mouthed was "WOW!!!"

The finest and most supple sand touched my feet while the clearest crystalline water blinded my site. It felt like I was in paradise.

Just look at the ungrazed sand waiting to be stepped and laid on.

Since there is basically nothing to be found on the island, make sure to bring food and water. Pitch a tent up for a nice breezy afternoon siesta.

Sand Angels time....

An unforgettable place and experience. The photos and descriptions are not enough to describe Calaguas, it is something that one should experience first-hand. I pray and hope that It will still remain this way.

Travel Tips: Always check on the weather before heading to the Port. The boatman wouldn't agree to bring you to the island if the weather condition is bad. This may sound weird but if you get cold easily, bring a raincoat. Trust me, this will be a lifesaver. If you don't have plans to stay in the island, make sure to leave before sunset. The trip back to the port can be brutally cold.

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