Tuesday 5 February 2013

Sights: Singapore - A Small Country with Big Surprises (Revisited)

I have mentioned on my previous post about Singapore (check out my 1st post, click here.1st visit) that we were already planning another trip when I was blogging about it at that time. Well, we were back!!! And this time around, we went there specifically to attend a world sporting event, The 2012 Singapore Grand Prix. The main races were scheduled at night,  leaving us ample time to go around and check out new places we haven't visited before.

2012 Singapore Formula One Grand Prix

Our first stop was Chinatown. Different shops, vendors and restaurants filled the streets. I liked how the facade of the small rise buildings look like, it looks old, traditional and colorful as well.

Singapore's Chinatown

Colorful Chinese Lanterns

We went to Chinatown to look for a particular store, The Tintin Shop. Ever since I read my very first Tintin comic book back when I was seven, I automatically got hooked. I didn't hear anything about the store until I saw a friend post a picture of it. Being a big fan, I knew back then that I had to visit The Tintin Shop whenever I went back to Singapore.

The Tintin Shop
Address: 55 Pagoda Street, Chinatown
Operating Hours: Sun to Thurs - 11am to 9pm
                           Fri & Sat       -  11am to 10pm              

The store is a paradise for Tintin fanatics like me. Life size statues of Captain Haddock, Titntin and Snowy greeted us as we entered. The store was filled with different collectible items from shirts, stationary,  mugs, posters, model figures and many more.

Tintin Shop Merchadise

I'm proud to say that I have collected and kept all my Tintin comic books and everything is intact til now. I pretty much have most if not all of the comic books. The ones that the store sells are hardbound and each would cost around Sg $11.

Tintin Comic Books

Initially I was just planning to buy a little something from the store, a small key chain or a figurine. But I ended up buying three model figurines.

Capt. Haddock, Titntin and Snowy Figurines

The shop also sells different imported Belgian beers.

Belgian Beers sold at Tintin Shop

After visiting Chinatown, we made our way to Marina Bay Sands' Skypark.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Jon  took a dip at the gorgeous infinity pool while Jim and I took a peak at the F1 track from above.

Skypark's Infinity Pool

A Portion of the F1 track

The next day we went back to Marina Bay Sands to visit the ArtScience Center.

ArtScience Museum
To check out what's the current exhibit. Visit their website:www.marinabaysands.com/Singapore-Museum/

During that time, there were two exhibits that were being held. Harry Potter the Exhibition and Andy Warhol 15 minutes Eternal.

I'm a big Potthead so I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit. Inside where different props, costumes, recreations of scenes and anything to do with the Harry Potter movie series. One notable thing that I found so amusing was the different wands each of the character was using. Each wand has it's own intricate design which is said to match the personality of the carrier . Sadly, we weren't allowed to take picture inside the exhibit.

Ron, Harry and Hermoine 

Entrance to The Exhibit with Ford Anglia Hanging from above

I've always wondered how Bertie Botts' Every Flavor Bean tastes like while reading the books. To my surprise, I saw the real thing sold at the souvenir shop. I was excited to try out the funky flavors such as vomit, booger, earwax, soap and dirt . It was unanimous that the vomit flavor tasted the most weird and disgusting.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

The Andy Warhol exhibit showcased his artworks and masterpieces. I've known him as a 'pop' artist and painter but I was surprised to find out that he is more than that. He was also a sculptor, writer, photographer, film maker and graphic print artist. Again, taking pictures inside wasn't allowed.

Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal Entrance

To get into the Warhol mood, we wore the Iconic Glasses

I enjoy going to miniature golf places but all of the places I know back here has already closed down. I grabbed the opportunity to play the game again in LilliPutt Golf in East Coast Parkway.

LilliPutt Miniature Golf
Address: 902 East Coast Parkway, 449874
Operating Hours: Tue to Sun - 10am to 8pm last game commence at 7pm
                              closed on Mondays
Rates:    Adult - Sg $19.20  (around Php650)
             Student - Sg $16.00 (around Php550)
             Child (12 yrs old below) - Sg $12.80 (around Php430)
Webpage: www.lilliputt.com

It is an 18-hole indoor golf course that features the different attractions of Singapore. On each hole, there is fun facts and or description of the said attraction. A really nice touch.

Changi Airport Hole

Bird Park Hole

Fun fact about Flamingoes  found in Bird Park

We all had so much fun trying to put the ball in the hole with the least number of strokes.

That's what we Call a Birdie!!!

After our mini golf game, we strolled around the East Coast Park. Trees and manicured lawns surround the whole area, one can go jog or rent bikes and go around the designated path.

East Coast Park

East Coast Park's Bike and Jogging Path

Just a few steps away is the beach area. Though it wasn't really anything spectacular looking, it seems like the people were enjoying dipping in the water and hanging around the sand.

Beach Area

There were barbecue pits and people can actually set up tents and camp it out.


Tents near the Shore

After dining at Gunther's, we saw a signboard pointing to a Toy Museum. It wasn't part of our itinerary but decided to check the Mint Museum of Toys out the next day.

Mint Museum of Toys
Address: 26 Seah Street, 188382 (near Raffles Hotel)
Operating Hours: Open Daily from 930am to 630pm
Price: Adult - Sg $15 (around Php500)
          Children 12 years old below - Sg $7.50 (around Php250)
Webpage: www.emint.com

We didn't have any expectation of the place, we thought there would only be a few toys on display. But to our surprise, the museum has five floors with floor to ceiling display of toys. What made our visit sweeter was during that time, the owner and collector of all the toys in the museum was present. He gave the three of us a personal tour of the museum.

Toys Toys Toys!!!

Picture with Mr. Chang

Right after visiting the Mint Toy Museum, we headed to Singapore Science Center.

Singapore Science Center

Address: 15 Science Center Road, 609081
Operating Hours: Open Daily from 10am to 6pm last admission at 5:15pm
Price: Adult - Sg $12 (around Php400)
          Children 12 years below - Sg $8 (Php270)
Webpage: www.science.edu.sg

The place is huge, it contains a lot of different exhibits that basically explains how things work. What's nice about the place is that almost all of the exhibits are interactive, you can see, touch, hear and feel what's happening. The place is an entertaining way to teach kids about the different branches of Science and it is fun for adults too.

Inside the Science Center

There were different areas inside the Science Center. We had so much fun going around and checking out each exhibit. We wanted to spend more time inside but we came in late and ran out of time.

Planet Earth

Marine Alcove

Sound Area


We rushed our way to the Omni Theatre to catch the last show for the day. It is just right beside the Science Center. The Omni Theatre boasts of having Asia's largest dome screen. It felt like being inside a sphere where half of it is the screen.

Address: Right Beside Science Center
Operating Hours: Mon to Fri - 10am to 6pm
                           Sat, Sun & Public Holidays - 10am to 8pm
Price: Adult - Sg $10 (around Php340)
          Children - Sg $7 (around Php230)
Webpage: www.omnitheatre.com.sg

It features several IMAX documentaries. 3-D glasses are not needed anymore to make one feel like being part of the real thing. The huge concave screen made us feel that we were right then and there. Do check out their websites for complete screening of the different documentaries.

A Wide Array of Feature Films

During that the time, we were able to catch the documentary To The Artic. It is a story about a Mother Polar Bear and his two cubs journey and survival in the Artic. It was an very informative and entertaining documentary.

IMAX To The Artic

Our trip ended watching Katty Perry's concert. It was yet another fun-filled visit to Singapore and yet again we felt that we didn't have enough time to visit all the places that we wanted to go to. I'm certain that the next time we go back to Singapore, there'll be bigger and better surprises.

Katy Perry Concert