Tuesday 8 May 2012

Spices: Cucina Rusticana (currently loooking for new location)

After watching a lot of features on Italian food, I've always wondered how it feels like to dine in an Italian family's home. In all the features that Ive watched, every member of the family would proudly claim that their Noona (Grandmother) makes and cooks the best Italian food. Cucina Rusticana proudly boasts off serving dishes from recipes past down from generation to generation.

Cucina Rusticana

It was Earth Hour when we decided to dine there, upon being seated I was greeted by  Kelly Viel, he is of Italian descent, a part owner of the resto and also my classmate back in grade school. He recommended some of dishes that we should try to which we happily obliged.

Inside Cucina Rusticana

One of the restos bestseller was the Spinacci Al Formaggio, a spinach and capsicum cheese dip served with toasted baguette. When I was spooning out the dip, I was astonished on how smooth the dip was and what made it more astonishing was the flavors. The harmonious blend of spinach and capsicum mixed with the creamy cheese was so addicting. I found myself getting everything out on what was left on the ceramic pot.

Spinacci Al Formaggio - Php 285

Crispy Baguette with Spinach Cheese Dip

There were only a couple of wines on the list and the Rosso Puglia we ordered was not to my liking. The owners have promised to expand and improve the wine choices.

Rosso Puglia - Php 400/bottle

The Pesce Con Formaggio was such a treat. A seared Sole fillet doused with a carrot cheese sauce. The fish was perfectly cooked right through, it had the melt in your mouth feel. The balance between the carrot's sweetness and the cheese's saltiness was spot on.

Pesce Con Formaggio - Php 250

The fish had a side of Parmesan Potato Mash and Seasoned Vegetables.

My palete was already having a great time and after tasting the Spaghetti Putanesca, it completed my wonderful authentic home cooked Italian meal. The fresh pasta was al dente and the sauce was heavenly. The combination of the fresh tomatoes and basil with the olives and capers was so GOOD! The pasta was one of the best pasta plates I've had in the metro.

Spaghetti Putanesca

To cap off the meal, we ordered Tiramisu and Espresso. The Tiramisu was simple and satisfying, I really liked that it wasn't clawing sweet. The espresso was kind of a let down, it wasn't made well. It didn't have Crema on top and I found it a tad pale on the flavor.

Tiramisu - Php 95

Espresso - Php 75
Kelly introduced me to JJ Viel, his younger brother and the maestro in the kitchen. I commended him on the great food and what shocked me was that most if not all of the ingredients he uses are imported from Italy. Now nothing gets more authentic than that. I have mentioned in my previous blog about Cafe Othello, my fave hole in the wall resto that has closed down.. After dining here, the experience not only answered my curiosity about dining in an Italian family's home. I also worry no more, with more dishes to come, I think I have found my new favorite hole in the wall Authentic Italian Resto.

Cucina Rusticana
currently looking for new location

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