Saturday 12 May 2012

Sights: BenCab Museum

Benedicto Cabrera or more popularly known as BenCab is one of the National Artist in the Philippines. He build a museum to showcase his own artworks and his collections of different art pieces from different Filipino artists. It also houses a lot of indigenous artifacts from the Cordillera region. I love to look at paintings so when we made a stop over in Baguio, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to check out BenCab Museum.

BenCab Museum

As we entered, the painting behind the reception desk give guests a sneak peak on some of the things to see inside.

Reception Area

One of BenCab's famous subject for his paintings is Sabel.

These are some of his paintings that caught my eye.


The colors and style of the painting to me was 'Andy Warhol like'

Among all his paintings, this painting was my favorite. It was called Reunion, it was depicting a family lovingly hugging each other.The strokes and lines seems to be pointing to the center. It was beautifully touching and heartwarming.


There were a lot of tribal artifacts from the Cordillera region that were on display.

Cordillera Gallery

A Harp

Different Bags and Home Utensils

Granary Gods fills a whole floor to ceiling wall

An Intricate Table and Chairs Wood Sculpture

Some of BenCab's collection made by different Filipino artists.

'Cordillera' Mountains by World Renowned Glass Sculptor, Ramon Orlina

I forgot who the painted this astonishing piece. When I took a closer look I was surprised to see that the wood board was etched first before being painted on.

On the Left is the Whole Painting. On the right is a close up look on the etched wood.

A Life Size Wood Sculpture of an Igorot Woman

It was an unbelievable sight to see the paintings from the legends of Philippine art all  in one room.

Maestro Gallery

Here are some of the paintings inside the Maestro Gallery:

Paintings by Ang Kiukok

Painting by Arturo Luz

Painting by Joya

Painting by Sanso

The last area we went to was the Erotica Gallery. There were sculptures, paintings and artifacts with an 'artistic' sexual theme.

Erotica Gallery

After looking and appreciating all the artworks, we went down to Cafe Sabel and had coffee in the gazeebo outside the museum. The view was amazing!

Cafe Sable

The Gazebo in the Middle of a Pond

The Amazing View that awaits the museum guests

It was an amazing experience looking at all the paintings, sculptures, artifacts and different art pieces.It's a reminder to people that the Philippine art scene is so rich and is still so much alive in these modern times. The museum is definitely a must visit whenever you find yourself in Baguio.

BenCab Musuem
Address: Kilometer 6 Asin Road, Baguio City
Entrance Fee: Php100
Open daily except Mondays
Operating Hours: 9:00am til 6:00pm (last entry 5:30pm)

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