Wednesday 12 November 2014

Spices: Swagat

If I remember it right, Swagat is the very first restaurant that I wrote a review about in This was a long long long time ago when was just all about restaurant reviews. After so many years, I thinks it's just right that I write about Swagat again and include it here.

Being one of my favorite restos, I've eaten here a countless number of times and these are some of what I usually order. Take note that when ordering here, you'll be asked on the level of spiciness you want for each dish, from mild, moderate, spicy and extra spicy.

To start off, I usually order the Bhel Puri. The dish consists of puffed rice and sev or fried noodles mixed with vegetables and various spices, served with a tamarind sauce as dressing. Aside from the wonderful crunchy texture of the dish, what I like most about this is the burst of different spices in my mouth.

Bhel Puri - 125php

The Mirchi Pakora is such a treat for spicy food lovers like me. A whole piece of green finger dusted with spices, rolled in chickpea flour and fried. Flavorful and has that subtle spiciness that I love.

Mirchi Pakora - 125php

A common Indian snack that's very familiar to us is the Samosa. Swagat's Vegetarian Samosa is a must try, crunchy triangle pastry crust with piping hot flavorful filling of spiced potatoes and peas.

Vegetarian Samosa - 70php / 4pcs

Swagat makes their own paneer or cottage cheese for their different paneer snacks and dishes. The cheese has a soft crumbly texture and flavor wise, it's on the bland side. Thus the cheese is usually mixed or cooked with different spices. The Palak Paneer that I usually have is cooked with pureed spinach, garlic and spices.

Palak Paneer - 150php

Most of the dishes here are stewed or cooked with sauce. You won't go wrong in ordering whatever you fancy for every dish has a rich and very tasty sauce. Below are Rogan Josh, a mutton dish that is cooked in cream and butter. Fish Masala, tender strips of fish cooked in spices and onions with tomato sauce. And Shrimp Makhinwala, shrimps cooked in coconut cream with crushed cashew and different spices.

Rogan Josh - 200php 

Fish Masala - 155php

Shrimp Makhanwala - 200php

An Indian meal won't be complete without having a piece of flat bread. The bread is used to pick up pieces of meat and soaking up all the rich tasty gravy or sauce of each dish. If you're not used to eat bread with your meal, the fragrant long grain Basmati rice is an option.

Plain Roti - 20php / pc

Poori - 40php / 4 pcs

There are still a number of things worth mentioning, dishes that I tried and liked. I'll be posting more about the wonderful food this resto serves when I go back and be able to take more photos. In my opinion, Swagat is arguably the best Indian place you can find in the metro. I've been here a number of times and it has never disappoint, prices are affordable and more importantly the food is absolutely delicious and bursting with so much flavors.

Address:  119 FCC Building, Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel. Nos.: 501 5079 / 752 5669

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