Sunday 23 November 2014

Coffeemate Be Your Own Barista Event

I was recently invited to an event that was hosted by Nestle Coffeemate. Since the venue was just a few a blocks away from where I live, I decided to attend and checked the event out. The event entitled Coffeemate University Be Your Own Barista was held at CO/OP Cafe and Restaurant.

Nestle Coffeemate Event at CO/OP

After registration, I went inside holding my own personalized apron and a cup of coffee. As soon as I sat down and saw what's on the table, I had an inkling on what's going to take place. On the table was empty cups, a jar of coffee, bowls with syrup, a handheld frother, a thermos of hot water,a  recipe book and of course Nestle Coffeemate.


Our tools for the Day

The program started with a short presentation of the new and improved Coffemate and proceeded to the introduction of tthree Baristas who were also part of the TVC. Each of them cited their credentials and shared their own coffee stories.

It proceeded to the live demo of preparing two coffee concoctions made by the two pretty professional Baristas. The first of which is the basic Cafe Latte and the more complex Yin Yang, a drink that consist of coffee and tea. Both coffee concoctions were made using instant coffee and Coffeemate, it looked so easy to do.

Caffe Latte anyone?

Now for the fun part, it was time to get our hands dirty. We were asked to re-create the Coffee Latte and add our own personalize twist. The recipe book that was filled with so much coffee concoction recipes was a big help to those who want to get it right on the dot. I went freestyle like I always do and what surprised me the most is that I got a decent froth from whisking Coffemate with water. I even drew and cut out my own stencil for some added coffee art.

Coffemate Recipe Book

Here's what I came up with, doesn't look bad eh? Looks pretty good to me. By the way, CD stands for Coffee Day.

My Coffemate Project

After creating our own respective Caffe Latte-s, it was time for the group challenge. Each table was asked to prepare and present a cold coffee-Coffeemate concoction. With the help of the Baristas, each table came up with their respective cold creations to pit up against each other.

My group mates prepared our drink while I was task to present it to everyone. Though we didn't win the challenge, it was fun to see the ideas and creativity of each group.

Lunch followed after the judges went around and tasted each group's drink. CO/OP prepared a special Salad, Pasta, Sandwich and Chips platter for the event. I enjoyed the salad the most, it consist of slivers of pears, lettuce, grapes, crumbles of blue cheese and candied walnut doused with a balsamic vinaigrette. For dessert, each of us had a S'mores Cupcake.

The event ended with the announcement of winners for the challenges. It was a fun-filled activity, everybody had smiles on their faces as we left the venue. I must say that I'm a big coffee drinker, I usually go through three to four cups a day. At home, I would always start my day with a cup of brewed strong black coffee. It's in the office that I usually have my instant coffee with Coffeemate. Though I prefer my caffeine fix, straight black and brewed, I commend the team behind Nestle Coffeemate. After the event, no one can ever say that coffee with creamer is boring anymore, Coffeemate has proven it's more than just your ordinary creamer.


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  1. When we first started planning with summer party ideas, we were interested in booking venues nearby, but all of the places we visited were either rip-offs, rigid or overall run-down and just not that impressive. But this venue was a true gem.