Thursday 13 March 2014

Spices: Felix

After dining in Corazon, I once again found myself dining in another Chef Florabel's restaurant. This time around it was Felix, one of the established restos at the Greenbelt 5 strip. As always, I had nothing but high expectations.


Complimentary warm dinner rolls and butter was served.

Complimentary Bread and Butter

We picked a Chillean Carmenere to go with dinner. The Carmen brand was easy to drink as it was light bodied and slightly sweet.

Carmen Carmenere - Php 750 at 50% off

We saw a lot of diners ordering this dish so we asked the server what the dish was and ordered one for us. I was so HAPPY that we did. The Gen San is was beautifully plated and served, on the center was the garden salad and around it was what looked like Chinese soup spoons with the Spicy Tuna Concoction inside of it.

Gen San - Php 325

The garden salad was made up of fresh lettuce, arugula, kiwi, mangoes then soused with a lemon dressing. Simple and so good.

Garden Salad

The tuna was such a delight, it's an ingenious concoction. Bite-size pieces of raw tuna was mixed with wasabi,  rice crispies, spring onions then topped with bits of garlic and black sesame seeds. I love the combination of  the flavors and textures of this appetizer. I can come back here just to have this again.

Tuna Concoction

The San Fernando consists of prawns doused with kare-kare sauce, fried eggplant and shrimp paste, served with white rice. Nothing really special about this dish, it tasted familiar and usual. I gave them credit for the shrimps, it was fresh and cooked to a juicy perfection.

San Fernando - Php 695

The Valerie would have been a dish that I would rave about, loaded with perfectly cooked prawns, dory, mussels and salmon which had its crispy skin on, it tasted oh so good. But problem is, the dish was supposed to be a risotto. Just by looking at the dish, it was nothing close to being one. The texture of the Arborio rice reminded me of the paella we had in Corazon.

Valerie - Php 495

For dessert, we ordered the Julia, a chocnut (chocolate peanut) mousse cake. It was pretty good, smooth, creamy, really tasted like chocnut and it wasn't clawing sweet.

Julia - Php 160

We wanted to have coffee to go with the dessert, I asked the server what kind of coffee beans they use. Luckily they use one of my ultimate favorite, Illy.

Illy Coffee - Php 120

Just like with my previous experiences in dining at Chef Florabel's restaurants, the quality the ingredients was excellent and food prepared well. With so many dishes to try out, Felix is one of restaurant that I would want to go back to and try out more.

Address: Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. No.: 729 9062

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