Sunday 9 February 2014

Spices: Modern Toilet (Taiwan)

Ever since I saw a feature on Modern Toilet a couple of years back , I've made a mental note that whenever I'll get the chance to visit Taiwan, I'll make sure that I'd be able to dine here. A huge toilet bowl is placed on the facade of the resto's building, it can be misleading to people who haven't heard of the resto. Good thing for us though, the toilet bowl pointed us to the right direction.

Modern Toilet

A theme restaurant that has everything to do with bathroom, it even has a toilet bowl and a doodie as mascots. It would sound crazy and icky to some but to me its quirky and interesting at the same time.

Even inside the restaurant, the theme was consistent. Toilet bowls are the resto's seats, tubs serves as table stands, lamps are in the shape of a doodie, food and drinks are served in mini toilet bowls, bed pans and urinals.

Inside the Resto

The wash basin was also shaped like a toilet bowl and I took noticed of the dark murky water inside of it. Initially, I thought that it was intentionally made to look that way but when I saw one of the staff cleaning the floor mop in it, I was really shocked, it is unsanitary!!!

Wash Basin

We started with the Fun Platter that consist of Fries, Chicken Popcorn, Chicken Nuggets and Potato Cones served with sweet chili sauce and ketchup. Everything was nice and crunchy but flavors were pretty ordinary.

Fun Platter - NTD250 (around 370php) 

The Italian Chicken Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce was a big disappointment. It was served sloppily and it looked so unappetizing. Not only did it look bad, it taste of it too. Pasta was overcooked and drowning in a runny 'taste like instant' tomato sauce, chicken doesn't taste anything like Italian and even the broccoli garnish was so soggy.

Italian Chicken Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce - NTD230 (around 340php)

From what I know the resto's bestseller is the Modern Toilet Chicken Curry. The curry was served with a side of soup, vegetables and rice.  Served on a huge toilet bowl, I thought that the serving was huge but it wasn't, serving was good for one. I love curry but Modern Toilet's curry is not memorable in any way, it is one of the most boring curries I tasted.

Modern Toilet Chicken Curry - NTD220 (around 325php)

From all the dishes we tried, the only one we kind of  liked was the Japanese Tomato Hot Pot. One can pick from pork, beef or seafood, we chose to go with the beef. The thin slices of beef looked fresh, it was nice and tender when cooked. The hotpot was served with assorted fresh veggies in a tasty rich broth.

Japanese Tomato Hot Pot (Beef) - NTD290 (around 430php) 

Each dish came with a complimentary chocolate vanilla twist soft serve ice cream. It didn't taste of chocolate and vanilla and there were a lot of ice crystals, it was terrible. We didn't even bother to finish the ice cream anymore.

Complimentary Ice Cream

I shouldn't have put much expectations on the food since this restaurant is after all bathroom themed. But still for the food prices they charge and being in a city that is known to have good eats, Modern Toilet has to drastically improve the quality and flavor of their food. The most important factor of being a good restaurant is serving good food, this resto seems to pride for being a novelty and nothing more.

Modern Toilet
Address: 2nd Floor, No.7, Lane 50, Xi Ning South Road (Simending Branch)

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