Monday 28 October 2013

Spices: Barcino

It is common knowledge that we pinoys are big beer drinkers. Whenever somebody mentions going to a bar, it 's automatic that beer would always be the preferred drink. During the past few years, wine bars have been opening everywhere, a sign that we are starting to appreciate the wonderful complexities of wine. One of the first wine bar resto that established its position in the market is Barcino.

There always have been wine stores and restaurants that serves wine but never really an actual wine bar where one can find a great selection of affordable and premium wines. Barcino offers a great selection of wines, majority of which comes from Spain, they have a whole menu dedicated to all of the wines that they offer. I've been here a couple of times, here are some of the wines that I tasted and took pictures of...

Spanish Rioja - 2009 El Camino

Argentinian Shiraz - 2009 Osaado

Spanish Castilla Mixed Varietal - 2010 Finca Constancia

What I find really nice about this place is that they've also come up with dishes to pair with the wines. They offer full meals but most of the items on the menu are bar chows. I wouldn't really rave about the food in Barcino, some dishes tasted good and some were just ok.

Complimentary Bread and Dip

Wine pairs well with cheese, to pair with our Spanish wine, we ordered a plate of Spanish Manchego cheese.

Manchego Cheese - Php320

Though I wanted the Calamares Ala Romana to be coated with less breadcrumbs, it was still pretty good. Nice and crunchy with squid that's soft and tender.

Calamares Ala Romana - Php295

I would have like the Paella Negra better if not for the mayonnaise on top, there were just too much of it.

Paella Negra - Php410

It also goes for the Fideua, there were just too much mayonnaise on top. I hoped they served the mayonnaise on the side instead.

Fideua - Php425

During weekends, Barcino is always packed with so much happy people enjoying their glasses of wines. Though the food tasted just ok, it was still good enough to be bar chows. One thing is definite, it is a great place where you can hang out and enjoy a good bottle of wine.

Branches: Ortigas J. Vargas, Fort Bonifacio, Greenbelt 2 & 5, Rockwell, Alabang
Webpage: wine store -

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