Monday 13 August 2012

Spices: Johnny Rockets

When I hear the word 'American Diner', the first thing that I imagine is a casual retro looking restaurant that serves hamburgers and milkshakes. We went to dine in Johnny Rockets at Eastwood to be able to experience the 'Americana good feeling'.

Johnny Rockets

The 24/7 resto looked really nice, it has the very casual and lively retro vibe. Old classic automobiles were parked in front,  the floors has the typical checkered tiles, there was a jukebox at the center and old posters hang on the walls. What I found really unique was the servers, as soon as we entered everyone of them greeted us and they would even dance every 30 mins or so. The resto has definitely incorporated the 'good feeling' to us.

'Dancing Time'

Juke Box - Play a Song for only a Peso

But of course, more than vibe and ambiance, the most important aspect in a restaurant is the food. Upon looking at the menu, we found that the prices were steep. With such high prices, we expected the food to be exceptionally good. When the server brought our food, she drew a smiley on each of the dipping bowls.

Smiley in the Dipping Bowl

We started with a Strawberry Milkshake. The milkshake was served in a soda glass with a spoon and an extra stainless mixing glass. With the spoon around, I expected the milkshake to be really thick but it wasn't. Using a straw was enough to slurp down the milkshake. It tasted ordinary, Filling Station's milkshakes still reigns supreme.

Strawberry Milkshake - Php215

We ordered two kinds of Burgers. The first of which is the Smoke House Burger. The 1/3 pattie was topped with cheddar cheese, thick bacon, crispy onion rings with a barbecue ranch sauce.  The burger looked puny compared to the picture on the menu and the thick bacon was a measly piece of ordinary ready to cook bacon strip. The pattie itself tasted a tad dry but the barbecue sauce really had that smokey flavor. Overall, the burger tasted so-so, it wasn't great and it wasn't that bad.

Smoke House Burger - Php485
The Houston Burger was topped with cheese and Jalapeno. I wished they added more Jalapeno slices on the burger cause there were only four small slices. Just like the first burger, this tasted ordinary.

Houston Burger - Php465

For the burgers, there was a choice of Onion Rings or refillable thick-cut Fries. The Onion Rings were nice and crunchy but the Fries was a big let down. The fries tasted oily and it was so soggy, we asked for a refill and hope that they will give us fresher batch but it still tasted the same. Such a big disappointment!

Refillable Thick-Cut Fries

For the quality and quantity, the burgers weren't worth its price. For the price, I could have eaten bigger and better tasting burgers elsewhere.

The redeeming dish in our meal was the Chili Cheese Mini Dogs. An all beef hotdog doused with all-meat chili, cheese and chopped onions. The hotdog itself has a nice bite into it and it also packs a delightful beefy flavor. The best thing about the sandwich is the Chili, it was so flavorful and tasty. It had the wonderful Cilantro and Chipotle Chili flavor, Yummy!

Chili  Cheese Mini Dogs - Php295

I was impressed with the resto's look and ambiance plus the warm and friendly service was so admirable. But sadly the food was nothing extraordinary. I do hope they improve the quality of the food and re-evaluate their pricing scheme.

Johnny Rockets
Address: Ground Floor Eastwood Mall Veranda, Libis, Quezon City
Tel Nos:  352-0693 / 470-2208
Store Hours: Open 24/7 

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  1. Hi Jay, I agree, a bit overpriced for the quality of the burgers. The chili cheese dogs look good, will try this!