Tuesday 5 June 2012

Sights: A Rejuvenating Weekend at THE BELLEVUE, ALABANG

I love to spend weekends away from the bustling busy city. Who doesn't? Right? Problem for me is, I don't like long drives, I despise it. When I got an invitation from The Bellevue Manila to spend my weekend there, I didn't even think twice to accept their generous offer. I knew that The Bellevue was situated in Alabang, a generally quiet and peaceful area away from the city and most importantly it is roughly around 30 to 45 mins from Ortigas, Edsa. Conveniently situated at the end of the Skyway, I was surprised that the drive was easy and it only took me 15mins from Magallanes to get to South Station.

The Bellevue Manila

I was greeted by two buildings which stood side by side, the Main Wing and the recently constructed Tower Wing. 

I made my way to the front desk of the Tower Wing and was greeted by the guards, bell boys and receptionist with so much gusto. I already felt so welcomed.  The hotel lobby wasn't big but was well decorated and designed. I really like how simple and elegant it is, it wasn't stifling, it gave a very inviting homely vibe. The front desk explained to me the areas I'll have access to and she also added that the hotel provides free shuttle service to and from Alabang Town Center.

I was then escorted to my room. I'll be spending the night in the hotel's Tower Grand Deluxe, situated in a corner location. The room was HUGE, judging from how it looks, the room's area was definitely more than 40 sq meters. A cheese platter, a basket of fruits and a bottle of an Australian Shiraz welcomed me.

The first thing I always check out is the bathroom. The bathroom was spacious and so clean. 

There was an Italian brand of Toilettries found on top of the sink.

Acca Kappa

The glass enclosed shower area has a Rain Shower and a Telephone Shower.

The tub has ample space for me to fit in. Right beside the tub was a wooden blind which you can open or pull up to reveal a transparent glass separating the bathroom and bedroom. Really Nice!!!

With the Wooden Blinds Down

With the Wooden Blinds Opened

View of Bathroom from the Bedroom

The walk-in closet has two large cabinets with in-house safe, robes, slippers, hangers, a weighing scale and there was even a flat iron with ironing board.

I went back in the room and opened the curtains. What I really liked about it was the three layers of curtains. A blackout curtain, a sheer curtain and an accent curtain, guests can choose which curtain to use depending on one's mood. The view from the room was nice, from afar I can see Laguna de Bay. As for me, I just kept my curtains opened to take in the nice view.

Curtains Opened

Three Layers of Curtains
The View from my Room

There was a personal refrigerator, a fully stocked bar with coffee making tools and utensils.

Beside the small dining table and chairs was a study table.

The king-size bed has four huge fluffy pillows plus two body pillows.

Beside the King Sized Bed was a Comfortable Lounge Chair.

A 32' LCD television can be swiveled around so that guests can watch while lounging on the bed.

An Ipod docking station was on the bedside table.

I got my key card and started my tour in and around the hotel. To provide added security and privacy for guests, you have to let the elevator scan your key card first before pressing which floor you were staying in.

I went out the hotel and walked around. Just across the street, there was a small area with cafes, restaurants, food stalls and convenient stores.

The general atmosphere around was peaceful and quiet. There were trees planted all over and there were only a few cars passing by. I thought of how nice it would be to jog around the area.

I went back in the hotel and made my way to the Main Wing to check out the hotel gym and swimming pool. The swimming pool at the main wing was relatively big, there were a lot of lounge chairs and small plants planted around the area. The kids were splashing and playing in the 3.6 feet deep pool while the adults were comfortably sitting on the lounge chairs, sipping cocktails and juices which came from the Poolside Bar.

I went inside the hotel gym and to my surprise it was so roomy and there was even a trainer. As soon as I signed in, the trainer handed me a small towel and I proceeded to check out the gym equipment.

There was the Cardio Area with the Cycling machines, Elliptical Trainers and Treadmills equipped with mini LCD TVs.

I am particularly picky when it comes to the weights area, some gyms that I've been to doesn't have all the things I need to do my routine. Luckily for me, Bellevue's Gym was well equipped.

The gym was equipped with Finix dumbbells that weighs from 5 lbs to 100 lbs., flat, incline, decline, sit-up benches, long bars, plates that weighs from 5 kls to 20 kls, Jimsa brand Weight Machines, medicine balls, yoga mats,  fitness balls and it even has a chin-up/pull-up bar.

The trainer who was on duty at that time was amiable and helpful. Even without asking for help, he spotted me in doing my bench and shoulder presses. He also told me that the construction of the gym in the Tower Wing was on-going at the moment. I do hope they'll install lifting cages so guests can do exercises with Olympic-size long bars.

After a nice work-out, I wanted to check out the pool in the Tower Wing. The entrance to the pool was so beautiful. There was even a school of Koi swimming around the floor aquarium, it felt like it was inviting you to take a dip.

The Beautiful Entrance to the Tower Wing's Pool


Just like the Main Wing's pool area, the Tower Wing's pool area was filled with plants and lounge chairs. Guests can also order drinks from the Poolside Bar. The pool was bigger and deeper, the 4 feet deep pool measures 25 meters in length. The pool looked so nice and inviting that I knew I had to take a dip, the pool's length was perfect to do laps.

I took a short rest and changed into my swim wear. It was past 6pm when I returned to the Tower Wing's pool. The lights were turned on making the pool look even more attractive and inviting. There was a cold breeze due to the slight drizzle of the rain. I was expecting the water to be cold, but to my astonishment the water was heated to a nice 24 degrees.

I was doing my laps when one of the staff handed over a pair of swim goggles. I happily wore the Speedo goggles and continued doing my laps. After swimming I returned the goggles and asked the staff about the heated pool. He told me that depending on the weather, the pool's temperature is set to its most efficient and comfortable setting.

After dinner at the Phoenix Court, I was scheduled to have a soothing massage at the Mandarine Spa. The spa was dimly lighted and it had the slight refreshing smell of menthol in the air. I felt so relaxed as soon as I sat down on the comfy chairs in  the spa's lobby.

I was escorted to the room and was gladly surprised to find out that the spa doesn't have common rooms but rather personal rooms to get massages. The room looks so cozy and relaxing and it even had a sink and shower area inside.

The massage bed was extremely nice. I often get massages and one thing that bothers me is that most of the time the bed is too short for me, my feet and legs would hang off. At the Mandarine,  my bed was adjusted to the perfect length to fit me. The bed was also low enough so that the masseuse doesn't need to go on top of your back. Furthermore, I liked how comfy and wide the bed is, the cushioning was soft enough to feel comfortable and sturdy enough to feel the pressure from the massage strokes.

The one hour massage was heavenly, I felt the stress seeping out on every corner of my body. I liked how meticulous the masseuse was, she adjusted the pressure according to what I requested and she gave extra attention to body parts that was stiff and aching. I also liked how she used different fresh hot towels on each part of my body to rub the oil off. It was such a bliss! A Chinese Wolfberry Tea was served right after the massage.

After the massage, I headed upstairs to Vue Bar to have a nightcap. The bar was big, there was a stage where the band was playing and in front of it was a spacious dance floor. The bar serves different food items as well as cocktails, beers, juices and they even have wine on the menu. I got myself a bottle of my favorite beer and enjoyed looking out at the 360 degree view around the bar.

I returned to my room and sat on the lounge chair to yet again stare and admire the view outside.

After a couple of minutes I retired and laid on my bed. The bed was SO comfortable, I had a wonderful night's sleep and I had a hard time getting out of it in the morning. 

The next day after having breakfast and lunch at the Cafe D' Asie, I packed my bags and checked out. I'd like to commend the very helpful, friendly, hospitable staff of The Bellevue. They were always willing to help out the guests for all their needs and inquiries, they always seem to know what I need even before I asked. Most importantly, it was their warmest  and most sincere smiles that made my stay memorable, it sure did brighten up my weekend.

As I drove back, I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face the bustling busy city yet again. Thank you Bellevue for a wonderful weekend!

The Bellevue Manila
Adress: North Bridgeway, Filinvest Corporate City Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel No: 771 8181
Webiste: www.thebellevue.com

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