Thursday 1 March 2012

Sights: SINGAPORE - A Small Country With Big Surprises

Singapore is such a small country that you can go around it in just a whole day. Because of this, people have told me that there isn't much to see and do here. After being here twice, I can certainly say that I strongly disagree with them. In spite of being small, Singapore has everything for everybody.

Singapore's Marina Bay
On our first night, we headed to Clarke Quay. This place has lots of bars, clubs and restos, this is where you usually can find the clubbers, the bar drinkers, the hip crowd and the chill crowd.

Clarke Quay
It is also home for the famous G-Max and the GX-5 Pendelum Ride. For adrenalin junkies, both rides should satisfy their thirst for adventure.  Get strapped on and get ready to be slingshot 60 meters or fall and swing from 50 meters up in the air. Both rides costs SG$49 (around Php1,670) per person.

G-Max and GX-5 - SG$ 49

The Clarke Quay bridge is an area where drinking alcoholic beverages in public is allowed. You can see a lot of locals and tourists hanging out, chatting and drinking.

Clarke Quay Bridge
Around the bars area, there was a cool light and floor fountain.

Fountain at Clarke Quay

For animal lovers, I would suggest people to go to three amazing places that houses different animals from all over the world. The Singapore Zoo, The Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.

Travel Tip: You'll be able to save a lot if you get the three in one ticket for the entrance for all the three parks. The ticket costs SG$58 (aroundPhp1,980).

"We're off to see our real animal friends.."
The Singapore Zoo is considered to be one of the best zoos in the world. The animals here are not caged in metal enclosures, the zoo tries to provide them with the most natural enclosures as possible.

The Singapore Zoo
Hours: 8:30am to 6:00pm
Price: SG$20
Singapore Zoo
From mammals to reptiles, the zoo has it all.

Some of the Animals at the Zoo

Beside the Singapore Zoo is the first nocturnal zoo in the world, The Night Safari. See and experience how animals live during the night.

Night Safari
Hours: 7:30pm to 12 midnight
Price: SG$32

Ride the 40 minute guided tram ride around the whole zoo. After of which, you can also trek around to get a closer look at the animals. There were mist making machines and speakers sounding off crickets chirping and jungle sounds that made you feel you were really inside a rainforest. I'll never forget the Bat Enclosure where I had to literally stoop down to avoid the flying bats above me and luckily I wasn't  doused with bat drippings like some guests were.

Tram Ride

Trekking around the Zoo
Some of the things you'll see at the Night Safari.

At the Night Safari

The Jurong Bird Park houses more than 380 species of birds making it the largest bird park in the world.

Jurong Bird Park
Hours: 8:30am to 6:00pm
Price: SG$18
At Jurong Bird Park
In here, you can get up close and personal with birds. You can even feed them, how cool is that!

Jim and Jon Taking a Closer Look at the Magnificent Birds
It's Bird Feeding Time
There are different areas at the Bird Park.

Some of the beautiful and colorful birds that can be found in the park.

Birds at Jurong Bird Park
This Bird looks like Mr.Burns from The Simpsons
You can also find the highest man-made waterfall in the world at Jurong Bird Park.

Highest Man Made Waterfall
All the parks has exciting animal shows to catch, one of our favorites was the Birds and Buddies show at the Pools Amphitheater in Jurong Bird Park. See and feel the birds swooping over of your heads.

Pools Amphitheatre
Pink Pelicans filled the Stage

Jim held the hoop as a Parrot fly through it
What's really nice about the parks is they educate and create an awareness to it guests on how we can preserve our animal friends. For me, this is the most important thing that a zoo or a park must incorporate.

Having Fun around the Animal Parks

Though Singapore is filled with skyscrapers and bulidings, there is a whole area for its flora and fauna. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is filled with different plants and trees. Birds fly all over and if you're lucky you can even catch live squirrels running around. A great place to getaway from the city to relax and enjoy nature. Spending the whole day here wouldn't even cost a cent.

The Singapore Botanical Gardens
Hours: 5am to 12midnight
Price: Free
Singapore Botanical Gardens

Just look how calm and beautiful the whole area is.

Around Singapore Botanical Gardens


A Squirrel Running and Playing Around

You can also see Singapore's National Flower

Jim with Vanda Miss Joaquim Flowers
There is also a Bonsai area..

Different Bonsai Plants
Visit The National Orchid Garden, for a minimal fee of SG$5 (around Php170) you can look and adore the beautiful orchids and flowers found inside.

The National Orchid Garden
Hours: 8:30am to 7:00pm
Price: SG$5
At the Orchidarium

Some of the different colorful and beautiful species of Orchids


I'm a big fan of the National Geographic Channel so when I found out that they opened a store in Singapore, we just had to visit and check it out.

National Geographic Store (store already closed)
Address: 1 Harbour Front Walk, Vivo City
National Geographic Store

There were a lot of merchandise to look at, books, clothes, toys, they got it all.

National Geographic Store's Merchandise

A must try inside the store is the Are you Though Enough Freezing Challenge. Experience how below zero temperature feels like. No need to worry, the special Nat Geo jacket is provided to keep you warm.

Are You Tough Enough Challenge

Trying the Challenge...Yes! We were Tough Enough

In Singapore, there is a whole island that is dedicated for one thing alone, Fun and Leisure. Also known as Asia's favorite playground, Sentosa is home for a lot of different attractions.

There are numerous things to do in the Island. Lounge around, play beach volleyball or take a dip at the man-made beach, Siloso Beach. Don't expect much of it, still nothing beats the real thing.

Siloso Beach
We got the Sentosa Noon Play Pass (2:30pm to 7:00pm), we got to  choose four from the 15 attractions. We  watched three virtual reality shows but the one we enjoyed the most was The Segway Ride. At first I was wondering how the Segway can be eco-friendly til I found out that it moves according to how you shift your body. Noon Play Pass costs SG$42.09 on weekdays and SD$44.90 on weekends (around Php1460/ Php1525)

Segway Ride

If you want to get close and personal with sea creatures, head to The Underwater World. Entrance to the marine aquarium would cost SG$25.90 (around Php880)

At Underwater World
There is an open area where you can actually touch and pet different marine species.

Jim playing with a Huge Spotted Sting Ray
Go through the tunnel and feel like your walking at the bottom of the ocean.

The Tunnel Aquarium
Enjoy looking at the astonishing sea creatures.

Different kinds of Marine Life

Jon found his doppleganger

Catch the cute and spectacular dolphin and seal show. (After watching the movie The Cove, This might be the last dolphin show I'd ever watch)

The Dolphins and Seals Show

Ever wondered how it feels to sky dive? Check out Sentosa's Ifly. Though we didn't get to try it out, we had fun watching the pros do an exhibition.


The Songs of the Sea is a MUST WATCH show in Sentosa. We were awe struck and we enjoyed every minute of it that we hoped there was more. The spectacular show only costs SG$ 10 (around Php340). A musical play that features different mesmerizing effects. (staging of the shows has already been stopped)

Songs of the Sea

The show is divided into different sections, it started with an explosive fire show.

Explosive Fire Show

A colorful laser light show

Laser Light Show
A cool fountain show

Fountain Show
Meet the main mascot of the show being projected on a wall of water,  Oscar the Fish.

Oscar the Fish

The show ended with a short yet spectacular fireworks display.


I've save the best for last, the biggest attraction that can be found in Sentosa is of course, Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Singapore
Hours: check website for operating hours for your desired month of visit

Travel Tip: Purchase your tickets on line to avoid the long queue at the entrance. Tickets get Sold out!

At Universal Studio's Famous Revolving Globe

At the entrance, be sure to visit Hershey's Chocolate World. This place would be the dream land for chocoholics. As for non-chocolate lovers like us, we just had fun goofing around.

Hershey's Chocolate World
Inside The Store.

Universal Studios is divided into different zones where there are rides and shows to catch.

At the Madagascar zone, we rode the kiddie ride that was called A Crate Adventure.

At Madagascar Zone

A Crate Adventure Ride

At Shrek's Far Far Away zone, we catch two shows. Shrek's 4D Adventure and Donkey Live.

At Shrek's Far Far Away Zone

Put on your 3D glasses and get ready for surprises as you watch Shrek's 4D Adventure.

Shrek's 4D Adventure
Watch Donkey on a big screen as he sing, dance and interact with the audience

Donkey Live

At Hollywood Boulevard, we saw a musical play that featured a 'monster musical' called Monster Rock Live. We were also able to catch the singing waitresses at Mel's Diner.

Hollywood Boulevard

Well known 'mosters' such as Count Dracula, Werewolf, Frankenstein and more sings and dances to your favorite pop music.

Monster Rock Live 

Watching the Monster Rock Live Show

The beautiful and graceful Mel's Diner waitresses.

The Singing and Dancing Waitresses

At the New York zone, be sure the catch the Lights. Camera.Action show that is hosted by Steven Spielberg. Experience how it feels like to be in a set of a hollywood film. Amazing effects!

At New York Zone
Want to know what it feels like if a big hurricane is coming? Check out the Lights. Camera. Action show.

Lights. Camera. Action

For the thrill seekers, head over to the Sci-Fi zone and ride the huge dual rollercoaster.  Too bad for us, the Transformer ride was still being made during this time.

Sci-Fi City
The dual roller coaster ride, Battlestar Galactica. The Battlestar Galactica has two choices: the Human side where you are stepping on something or the Cylon side where your feet is dangling in the air.

Battlestar Galactica

The Cylon Loop
As for us, this is all the courage we could muster.

Our favorite ride can be find in the Ancient Egypt zone, The Revenge of the Mummy indoor rollercoaster ride. This ride was so cool!

At the Ancient Egypt Zone
Get ready for big surprises as you move forward, backward and sideways in a pitch black environment.

Revenge of the Mummy

The last zone that we went to was Jurrasic Park's Lost World. Here we rode the Rapids Adventure and the Canopy Flyer.

Jurassic Park's Lost World

"Whoaaaa....A Dinosaur is on the loose!!!"

A simple and short adrenaline rush ride.

Canopy Flyer
Get ready to get wet as the raft floats around and makes it way through a dinosaur infested river cruise.

Rapids Adeventure

Among all the shows in Universal, watching Water World is a must. Prepare to laugh out loud at the start of the show as some of the actors goes around to literally wet the audience. After of which, get ready for some jaw-dropping action sequences that includes explosions and death defying stunts.

Water World's Set

Some Scenes from Water World
As we were about to hit the exit, we saw Woody Woodpecker and his girlfriend Winnie Woodpecker. Good thing Woody didn't see me kissing Winnie.

With Woody and Winnie Woodpecker

Singapore has still so much to offer, we felt that the week we spent there was not enough. After this trip we are currently planning to go there again within the year. Watch out for my next post as I'll feature more of Singapore's big surprises......(more to come)


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