Friday 7 September 2018

Sights: The Nostalgic and Artsy State of Penang, Malaysia

Being known as the food capital of Malaysia, the main purpose of why we decided to visit Penang was to eat well. I had no expectations of what the city would be like, we didn't even prepare a concrete itinerary of what to do and just decided to wing it out.

Penang, Malaysia

Upon arrival and seeing Penang, I felt like being transported in the past. There were a few high story buildings, most were two stories which looks old and some even looked dilapidated. But looking old isn't always a bad thing as this was Penang's beauty and charm.

One of the major attractions in Penang are the different murals and steel rod wall decals found all through out Georgetown. Most hotels provide maps on where to find the different artworks or you can head over the tourism office to ask for one. There are new paintings and there are old ones, some are even interactive where you can take part of the story of what's painted on the wall. Personally I enjoyed viewing the old ones better as it somehow portrays the culture of Penang. You can opt to rent a bike or walk around to visit each wall decal.

The steel rods wall decals are comic strips that also depicts the history and culture of the streets of Georgetown and Penang as well.

Penang's street art is full and vibrant, if I remember it right, there are more than 100 wall arts to see. So its really up to you if you want to visit each one or choose which among of them you would visit.

One of the Iconic Murals in Penang

While walking around the streets of Georgetown, we stumbled upon The Camera Museum and Purrfect Cat Cafe. Aside from looking at the interesting vintage cameras, we also thoroughly enjoyed looking at the old/iconic photographs. As of this writing the museum has relocated to its new address in Penang Hill.

The Camera Museum

Old Cameras

Camera and the corresponding Photo 

Who said selfies are done by millenials? As early as the 1920s selfies are already being done

The Camera Museum
Address: Level B3, Astaka Bukit Bendera, Penang Hill.
Operating Hours: 9AM to 8PM
Entrance Fee: 20 RM  (around 260php)
Facebook Page:

I'm more of a dog person but I dont mind being around cats. There was a dining area and an enclosed area where you'll get to interact with the different breeds of cats. As I expected, cats wouldn't really warm up to you in an instant, you'll have to spend a good number of minutes or even hours before they'll go near you. But still the cats here are well behaved and they don't mind being around with strangers.

Purrfect Cat Cafe

Enclosed Area for Cat Interaction

Real Life Garfield

Purrfect Cat Cafe
Address: 53 Jalan Muntri, Georgetown, Penang
Operating hours: 10am to 8pm Daily
Entrance Fee: 13 RM (around 170php)
Facebook Page:

One of the places that was recommended to visit was Chew Jetty, its an interesting places to visit as this was an actual residential area where residents live live on stills above water. You can see how people live their daily lives atop stills.

Chew Jetty

Rather than cars, you can see boats parked

A short bus ride away is Penang Hill, home of the steepest mountain tram in the world and longest in Asia. The roundtrip tram ride costs 30RM  (around 390php).

Penang Hill

Penang Hill Tram

Atop the hill, you'll be able to see a nice view of Penang and take a whiff of the fresh cool breeze.

After going around Penang, we were off to Langkawi to get our feet wet. From Penang port, we rode a ferry that took more or less 3 hours to get to Langkawi.

Ferry to Langkawi


There are different beaches to choose from but we decided to stay in Pantai Cenang beach as it was more convenient to go to . There were a lot of resorts and restaurants around the area, too many in fact. I felt that the place was too commercialize and crowded. Nonetheless, it didn't stop us from hitting the waters and exploring the area.

Pantai Cenang Beach

I liked the place more just before the sun sets, from being crowded there were only a few people during late afternnon.

The Sunset in Pantai Cenang

After a spending a night in Langkawi, it was back to Penang again. On our last night, we again leisurely walked and pigged around. Being a food and art lover, I thoroughly enjoyed Penang, it's a place where you don't need a concrete itinerary, one can just go, relax and take in the whole nolstalgic artsy vibe of the city.

I saw one photo caption that perfectly described Penang.."It is not broken, just bent"