Sunday 22 February 2015

Spices: Quirky Bacon

More often than not, the restaurants near our place are the last ones I visit. When I found myself stuck at home because of heavy rains,I took that chance to visit the resto which was literally steps aways. As it was a rented home turned into a resto, it was pretty small, the place looks like it can only 15 to 20 people at one time.

To start we had the Guava Glazed Hot Wings. The chicken wings looked good as it was glistening, each piece of wing was evenly coated with the glaze. The sour cream was just drizzled on top though, leaving the middle parts without it. The wings were deliciously crunchy and I enjoyed the guava flavored glazed, the plate was totally wiped out with just bones left behind.

Guava Glazed Hot Wings - Php250

We asked the server his recommendation for our mains, he pointed out the steak. There were two cuts to choose from, the rib eye and the chuck. Not knowing how the steak would come out, we chose the chuck cut as it was cheaper. The steak was served with bistek onions and tamarind miso butter. It also came with your choice of side, we picked the Starmash, mashed potato with Star Margarine. The wagyu beef was perfectly cooked as we requested, medium rare. The steak was superb, tender and juicy and we couldnt believe that it only cost 500php. If you're a fan of Star margarine, you'd love the mashed potatoes, it does really taste of it. But for real butter lovers like us, we wished we ordered another side dish.

Seared Wagyu Steak Plate (Chuck Cut) - Php540

I picked the Bacon vs. Bacon for our second main dish as it seems that bacon was the house specialty since it was basically the resto's name. The dish consists of a tempura bacon and a pan fried apple wood smoked bacon, a six minute boiled egg and a cup of plain white rice. Both bacon slabs tasted pretty good but I felt that it lacked flavors, the whole dish was kind of boring. I hoped it had some kind of sauce or sides to compliment the bacon slabs to add the much needed umph to thw whole thing.

Bacon Vs. Bacon - Php440

I wouldn't mind dining here again. I really enjoyed the steak and there are a lot of things on the menu that I wanted to try. I also do hope that on my next visit that they've have wine on the drinks list. A good bottle of wine would complement a great piece of steak that they serve.

Quirky Bacon
Address: 192 Wilson St., San Juan
Tel.No.: 570 2494

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