Wednesday 21 May 2014

Spices: Vom Fass

"Get a bottle of White Truffle Oil for less than 200 pesos...", this phrase caught my attention while reading the newspaper. Usually a good bottle of truffle oil would cost way much more and my biggest issue about buying it  would be the size, the smallest bottle of truffle oil I've seen is 250ml. For someone like me who doesn't have much time to cook, storing a big bottle is such a waste. After reading the whole article, I planned to visit Vom Fass to check it out and buy myself a bottle of the aromatic oil.

Vom Fass

With just the bottle of oil in mind, I was completely surprised with what I saw and experienced inside the store. The store was divided into different sections...

Inside the Store

Liqueurs and Spirits. Placed on what looked like huge flasks,there were cream based liqueurs such as Tiramisu, Vanilla Dream and Gingerbread to name a few. Fruit based liqueurs such as Baked Apples, Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit,  Peach and may more.

Liqueurs and Spirits

There was one Spirit that caught my attention, Absinthe.


Oils and Vinegars. There were a variety of Oils: Olive Oils, Nut Oils, Seed Oils, Herb Oils and there were even Wellness Oils that you can lather on your body.  It also goes the same for the Vinegar selection, there were a lot to choose from. They're proud of their Aceto Balasamico or Balsamic Vinegar and there were a lot of other fruit based vinegars. The Oils and Vinegars are stores in huge clay jars.

Oils and Vinegars

Wines. The Wines they carry are mostly from Europe, I wasn't really impressed with their selection. I do hope they'll bring in more brands and varieties. There are two house made wines, the Blueberry Wine and Honey Wine.


Whiskey. This is the coolest section in the store since the different whiskey brands are placed inside casks. I'm not much of a whiskey drinker but seeing different aged whiskeys from different regions such as Ireland, Scotland and America, I must say its a whiskey drinker's paradise. I did try one of the 20plus year old whiskey and I never tasted whiskey as smooth as that.


Whiskey Casks

The unique and best thing about coming here is you can taste anything first before buying. While I was looking and asking around, I was handed small disposable spoons by the friendly attendants and they insisted that I try out as many things I want. And I did try so much stuff, too many to mention. It's the store main concept, try before you buy.

Tasting out the Goods

In purchasing, one has to buy bottles from the store. There are different bottle designs and sizes, prices ranging from 50php to 250php. After buying the bottle, the attendants will fill the bottle of the potion of your choice, you can always bring the bottles back for refills. The store doesn't allow customers to bring their own bottle.

Some of the Bottles for Sale

Fill It Up!

With just buying the small bottle of truffle oil in mind, I left the store carrying a way lot more. Vom Fass is such an interesting and fun store to be in, it excites my sense of sight, smell and taste. Oh, did I mention that I'm already on my 2nd bottle of white truffle oil, I've visited the store twice and planning to visit again really soon!

Vom Fass
Address: Lower Ground Floor, Shangri-La Mall East Wing, Mandaluyong
Tel No: 470 5541
Facebook page:

A Flaming Glass of Absinthe anyone?...

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