Tuesday 1 April 2014

Sights: A Quick Fun Weekend Getaway to SAN NARCISO, ZAMBALES

Just three to four hours away from the noisy and hectic metropolitan area, there is a beach where you can hit the sand and even catch some surf. The quiet town of San Narciso in Zambales is a perfect spot for some fun and relaxation over the weekend.


The easy journey starts with a bus ride from the Victory Liner terminal in Caloocan. Purchase tickets going to Iba, Zambales and just asked the conductor to drop you off at San Narciso. The bus will drop you off in front of the church, from there it's just a short tricycle ride to the beach. I've visited the three major beach resorts in the area, Crystal, Sabina and Johneva, just pick which one suits you well.

At Crystal Beach Resort

The beach was long and wide, you won't have any problem of finding your perfect spot. Sand was fine and grayish in color, nice enough to go barefoot. But when the glaring sun is up, the sand tends to get too hot to go around slipper-less. Walking around, I barely saw any litter laying around, the shore is nice and clean. No wonder that pawikans or turtles lay their eggs on their shore, the locals pride themselves of being protectors of this endangered species.

The water is cool and clear, continuous waves hit the shore one after the other. Most of the time you'll chance upon locals fishing for bangus or milkfish seedlings near the shore. I would always watch in awe how they could count the number of tiny seedlings using a tabo (small dipper) and palanggana (basin). I would ask them how they do it, they would always smile back and tell me that it's something they just got used to doing.

Hitting the Waves

Based on my experience from surfing here, the waves doesn't really get high, perfect for beginners or to those who just want to try it out.

Just head over the beach and look for this tent if you want to give surfing a go. From the last time I've been there, there are less than 10 surf instructors, so most of the time you have to wait for your turn. All of the instructors are super friendly and helpful, they never tire of teaching those who wants to learn. They are such a tight-knit group that it was fun bonding and joking around with them.

Surfing Base

Surfing in Zambales

We saw a group of Paddle Surfers but our instructors told us that they rarely see them hit the sea.

Paddle Surfing

One of the things I never get tired of watching over and over again are sunsets. I must say that the one in San Narciso is one of the most colorful and spectacular sunsets I've seen.

Every Saturday night, Crystal Beach Resort holds a bonfire acoustic night event. Even if you're not staying at the resort, as long as you're invited by the surf instructors, you'll be welcomed. It was fun hanging around with the instructors, fellow beach bummers and surfers. We were passing food and drinks around, listening and singing along to the music. The band even invite guests to perform on stage.

The quiet town of San Narciso in Zambales is so easy to go to that in a span of few weeks I've been here twice. One doesn't have to travel far anymore, San Narciso is my kind of place I'll go to whenever I'll feel the need to unwind and refresh over the weekend.

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