Friday 2 November 2012

Spices: Parmigiano

I saw an advertorial about this restaurant in the papers, it boasts of serving authentic Italian Pizza. When we visited Resorts World to catch the Drum of Tao show, I grab the chance to try it out in Parmigiano.


The place was pretty nice, the yellow lit lamps and the varnished wood panels made you felt like eating inside a log cabin.

Inside Parmigiano

Complimentary warm bread with two kinds of dip was served, a Balsamic Vinegar with Olive Oil and Tomato Salsa.

Complimentary Bread and Dips

We started our meal with the Pasta di Frutti di Mare. The dish looked so promising, on a plate of spaghetti  two huge peeled prawns with its head still intact was placed on top, chunks of fish and mussel with clams made up the whole thing. Each seafood was perfectly cooked, the pasta was al dente. Everything would have been great if not for the sauce. The tomato sauce tasted sweet and how they artificially sweetened the sauce was so evident. The sauce ruined the whole dish.

Pasta di Frutti di Mare - (Piccolo)  - Php395 

Next up was the Margherita Pizza. Just like the pasta, the pizza looked so promising. From how it looked, there's a generous amount of cheese on top plus the chopped basil leaves made it more appetizing. But as soon as I lift up a slice, it turned into a disaster, the slice drooped and sagged. As I suspected, the crust didn't have any crunch in it, it was just terribly soggy. The pomodoro based tasted artificially sweet again and the only redeeming quality about the pizza was the thick layer of cheese on top.

Margherita Pizza - Php300

The quality of the ingredients were of excellent quality, I do hope they improve their recipes so that the ingredients used wont go to waste .

Adress: 2nd Floor Resorts World Manila, Newport Mall, Pasay
Tel. No.: 659 - 8295

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