Thursday 5 July 2012

Spices: Lemuria

When a friend told me about the special truffles menu deal at Lemuria. I knew I had to get one myself, the deal was for Lemuria's three course special truffles menu that cost Php1250 in Deal Grocer.


Upon entering one can notice the plush garden with plants and trees that surrounds the area. The place looks so peaceful, romantic and beautiful. Embodying the resto's name which means 'lost land'.

The Garden

The Resto with The Wine Shop below

The dining area was small and intimate, it felt like eating inside a log cabin.

Dining Area

Just below the dining area was Brumms Wine Store. I looked at the wine list and I was really impress on the wines that they carry. They carry really good brands and of course it came with a steep price tag. I decided to have a wine from Argentina since I haven't had one from that region before. The 2008 Ben Marco Malbec was excellent, the medium bodied wine had fruity, oaky and peppery notes and the length was really long.

Ben Marco 2008 Malbec

A complimentary basket of bread with butter and vinagrette dip was served. In the basket were slices of dinner rolls and a homemade walnut bread.

Complimentary Bread with Butter and Vinaigrette

The homemade walnut bread was wonderful, it was subtlely sweet and it had big chunks of crunchy walnuts.

Walnut Bread

The menu had a choice between a Salad or Soup, the main course has two choices and there was only one dessert. I was so excited and curious about the dessert course, the words Foie Gras and Truffle Salsa seems kind of odd for dessert.

Truffles Menu - Php1,250

We started off with the White Truffle Infused Egg Cocotte served with Herb Salad. The sunny side up egg was served in a ramekin so I presumed that the egg was cooked inside an oven. There were hints of the truffle flavor but it was too faint for me. Though the yolk was ruuny, I felt that it would have been creamier if they poached the egg instead of putting it inside the oven. The  herb salad was nice and simple.

Oeuf en Cocottes a la Truffe

With squash as its base the Earthy Mushroom Soup infused with Black Truffle Salsa was nice and hearty. The soup was chunky, it had a smooth grainy feel that came from the squash and the mushroom bits added more texture and flavor. Though I wasn't sure if there was truffle in the soup, the truffle aroma and flavor seeped out

Champignons et Truffe

The main course started with the Pan Seared Black Cod and Marinated Scallops on top of White Truffle Risotto. Everything on this dish was done exquisitely. The huge chunk of Cod was cooked perfectly, the Scallop at the bottom was so plump and juicy and the Risotto was creamy and exuded the earthy aroma and flavor of truffles.

Morue Noire

The U.S. Minute Steak with Black Truffle, Potato Puree, Brussel Sprouts and Tarragon Oil was absolutely a winner. The Beef Striploin was covered with black truffle salt, it added a sort of crunchy coating and a faint aroma of truffle on the piece of beef. The strip steak can be really tough compared with a rib eye or tenderloin  but this was so tender and juicy, I was happy that I obliged with Chef Kevin's medium well recommendation. I wanted the mashed potatoes to be creamier but nonetheless it was really flavorful.

Entrecote et Puree de Pomme

I'm not a dessert person but this has to be one of the most memorable ones that I had. The Vanilla Custard, White Truffle Salsa, Foie Gras Cream and Strawberry Compote was amazing. The incorporation of Foie Gras and Truffle in a dessert dish is truly unique and one of a kind. Every component just worked out and tasted well with each other. The butter saltiness of the Foie Gras, the earthy aroma of truffles, the subtle sweet creamy vanilla custard and the fruity sweetness from the compote blended so well together.

Foie Gras, Truffe et Creme Anglaise

We had a cup of Espresso to go with the desset, the Espresso was good. The crema was thick and the coffee was strong and bold.


From the looks of the dishes, I assumed that the Truffles used were the preserved variety. Still, I tip my hat off to Chef Kevin Endaya, he has incorporated the Truffles into each dish really well. It was a wonderful delicious experience, Lemuria is a resto that I wouldn't mind frequenting. It's literally a beautiful place to have delicious food and great tasting wine.

Adress: No.5 Julieta Circle Horsehoe Village, Quezon City
Tel No: 724 -5211 (reservation is a must!)


  1. wow, just the walnut bread looks delish... what more the other dishes!!

    1. hi pinkcookies! the dishes indeed were delicious!