Friday 21 October 2011

Spices: B&T Mexican Kitchen

After dining at Zapatas in Pampanga, my craving for the paprika-limey-cilantro Mexican flavor was still on a high. Thus on a Sunday morning, we decided to head over to B&T Mexican Kitchen for lunch.

B&T Mexican Kitchen

The owner greeted us as we entered the clean and simple resto. I asked him if he serves Tex-Mex or authentic Mexican cuisine, he cheerfully stated that most of the Mexican restos in the country serves Tex-Mex just like his. He righteously suggested on what food we can order, I happily complied to his suggestions.

The Mango Glaze Habanero Chicken Wings was really good.  I initially thought the wings would taste weird with the mango glaze but I was delightfully surprise. The sweetness of the mango glaze complimented the crunchy, salty and spicy chicken wings really well. I wanted my wings extra hot so I just dipped mine in hot sauce.

Mango Glaze Habanero Chicken - Php 335 (10 - 14 pcs)

The Chipotle Chicken Pizza was crunchy and flavorful. It was topped with tomatoes, onions, peppers, cheese and chicken that was marinated in Chipotle Chillies. A squeeze of lime on top made the pizza Mexican. It felt like eating a big Nacho Chip with toppings on.

Chipotle Chicken Pizza - Php 470

We were given a choice if we wanted the Carne Asada Burrito wet or dry. I went for the 'wet' version, the whole Burrito was drowse with a tomato base sauce, salsa and cheese. It was HUGE!!! The beef inside was nice and tender but in spite of it, I still wanted more flavor out from the Burrito.

Carne Asada (wet version) - Php 350 add Php 90 for wet version

Inside the Burrito

B&T Mexican Kitchen didn't really satisfy my craving for Mexican flavors but it's a definitely a place to try and dine in. Prices are reasonable for the huge servings and its one of the better restaurants that serves authentic Tex-Mex cuisine.

B&T Mexican Kitchen
Address: Ground Floor, Sekai Building,
Ortigas Ave., San Juan City, Metro Manila
Tel Nos: 975-1850 

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