Thursday 30 June 2011

Sights: PAMPANGA's Hot Air Balloon Festival

I remember back then, I was a kid who wasnt fascinated with baloons. I didnt get the point of having to hold on a 'floating toy'. But last February at Pampanga's Hot Air Balloon Festival, I found myself glaring with glee at the gigantic hot air balloons.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Before the balloons took flight there were Para Gliders prancing around the skies.

Para Gliders

As the balloons took its form, I found myself excitedly running from one model to another to take a closer look. When the hot air balloons took flight and filled the sky, it was a simple and pleasurable spectacle.

Hot Air Balloons takes the Sky

Some of my favorite hot air balloons...

APirate Kid inside a Barrel


A Mushroom House for Elves

Farmhouse with Farm Animals

Darth Vader!!!

Cute hot air balloon scale models.

Balloon Replicas Souveniers

There were was still a full day of scheduled events that follow but we decided to leave to start our Pampanga's foodie trip.

Price: Php150 per person
Location: AFP grounds inside Clark Freeport. Pampanga

Travel Tip: Pre-purchase the tickets, lines can really be long at the entrance. Be sure to be there early, you don't want to miss the balloon take-off.

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